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History of the Museum

1. The Main Steps of the Museum Activity
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    The educational activity
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    Festive programs for children and parents

    1. Christmas performances “Miracles at the Konny Dvor”      
    2. Festive program “Shrove at the Konny Dvor”      
    3. Festival “The Day of the Slav Written Language and Culture”     
    4. The Museum Feast for the first class pupils “Let’s Make Friends”      

    1. Christmas performances “Miracles at the Konny Dvor “
    (during winter school holidays) (page 1)

    Santa Claus and Snow-Maiden on the Stage The musical and theatrical project “Christmas Miracles at the Konny Dvor” started in 1999. The festive events are organized for children of 5 – 12 during New Year and Christmas holidays. The Museum holidays are special. They are directly connected with the Museum scientific, exhibition and educational activities. The festive events are organized in the Museum halls in co-operation with professional groups and their play scripts involve the Museum exhibits. The organization of the Museum Christmas holidays requires payment.

    The Children at the performance In the course nine years the holiday traditions were formed. Thus, children, preparing for the holiday are to do homework: to make or draw something assigned in the invitation ticket. At the end of the performance all children get a sweet present and a souvenir - a hand-made work (matreshka, Bogorodskoye toy, Khokhloma spoon) corresponding to the theme of the performance.

    The children in the Department of Folk Art Òraditionally the first part of the event takes pace at the exhibition, introducing the children with the content of the musical performance. The Museum surroundings, the festive atmosphere of the musical performance, traditional games, theatrical scheme of distributing gifts combined into an integral meaningful chain, create an emotional mood, activate the children’s creative abilities, give an experience of participation in a cultural event for children and their parents and form an unforgettably bright impression of Christmas in the Museum. Indeed, the feast in the Museum-Reserve is not just a fairy tale for the children, it is a wonderful recollection of happy childhood for their parents and grand-parents.

    Santa Claus with a girl The performance is usually organizes at the historical and architectural complex “Konny Dvor” during winter children holidays. The program lasts 90 min. It is held for 60 children and 20 adults.

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