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The Sacristy
  • The Sacristy of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra of the 14th 19th cc. (icons, manuscripts, icon-embroidery , church utensils)
  • Expositions:

    Konny Dvor
  • The Ancient Past of the Sergiev Posad Land (archeology)
  • The Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra: architectural ensemble, pages of history (the 14th 18th cc.)
  • Russian Applied and Decorative Art of the 18th 21st c. (open funds)
  • The World of a Russian Village (Russian folk art in peoples life)
  • Exhibitions

  • Museum of Russian Matryoshka

  • The Main Building

    Local History Department Exhibitions:
  • At the Trinity in Sergiev Posad
    (the illustration of the city's life)
  • Between the Revolution and War (1917 1941)

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    Rus Eng
    Historical and Architectural Complex
    Konny Dvor

    (ul. 1-oy Udarnoy Armii, 2)
    Main Building
    (prospect Krasnoy Armii Prospect, 144)

    The scheme of the disposition oh the Museum's buildings

    Building of "The Sacristy"
    (on the territory of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra)
    Local History Department
    (Ovrazhny per. 9)

    Names on the Scheme








    Konny Dvor

    Bely prud

    The Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra

    The Sacristy

    Krasnogorskaya Ploshchad (square)

    prospect Krasnoy Armii

    Main Building

    ul. Shlyakova

    Pozharny per.

    Ovrazhny pereulok

    Local History Department

    ul. Mitkina

    ul. Voznesenskaya


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