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1. The Main Steps of the Museum Activity
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    The Main Steps of the Museum Activity (page 1)

    Olsufyev Yu.A. (1878-1937) The Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Reserve was founded in April 20, 1920 by the Decree of the first Soviet government “On Turning of the historic and artistic treasures of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra into a museum”. Florensky P.А. (1887-1937) The organization of the Museum was prepared by the Commission on the Preservation of the Trinity Lavra Monuments of Art and History , formed in 1918 and functioning till 1925. The members of the Commission were P.A. Florensky, Yu. A. Olsufyev, A.N. Svirin, T.N. Alexandrova-Dolnik, P.G. Kapterev, I.E. Bondarenko and others.

    In the course of several months they registered the collections of icons, embroidery, church silverware, manuscripts, books, painting, furniture from the Sacristy, cathedrals and other premises of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, in the library of the Moscow Theological Academy and in the Bethany Seminary. At the same time the large-scale research and publishing activity were carried out.

    The Museum staff of the 1920s. In the middle of the 2d row: Svirin A.N., on the left Alexandrova-Dolnik, on the right – Merkulova A.D. In the 3d row the forth from the right – Derviz V.D. By the end of 1919 the Commission had practically competed the preliminary description of the collections (10.000 items), so the museum could be organized. The Commission on its foundation included the leading scientists I.E. Grabar, P.P. Muratov, N.M. Shchekotov, M.S. Sergeyev.

     1920s. Derviz V.D. in the Sacristy. The first director was an artist and public figure V.D. Derviz, the first curator – art historian A.N. Svirin. During 1924 – 1925 the Commission completely passed its functions to the Sergiev History and Art Museum. It was at that time that the main spheres of the Museum activity were determined.

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