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History of the Museum

1. The Main Steps of the Museum Activity
  • documents
  • chronicle
  • 2.History of the scientific research
  • personalities
  • memoirs
  • restoration
  • 3.History of the educational activity

    Scientific Research
  • conferences and seminars
  • participation in the exhibitions
  • scientific works, articles
  • editions
  • restoration
  • expeditions:
  • -- archaeological
    -- collecting monuments of culture and history

    The educational activity
  • celebrations
  • excursion
  • participation in festivals, competitions, exhibitions
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    History of the Scientific Research (page 1)

    1920s. The first Museum publications. The Museum was organized by the outstanding representatives of Russian science and culture: P.A. Florensky, Yu. A. Olsufyev, A.N. Svirin, T.N. Alexandrova-Dolnik, P.N. Kapterev, I.E. Bondarenko, N.M. Shchekotov, P.P. Muratov, etc. They formed the solid foundation for the scientific research.

    1925.	Sitting: Derviz V.D., Ainalova, Ainalov,standing: Druzhinina, Svirin A.N., Kalinina E.V. The registration of the collection was based on their investigations. The descriptions, catalogues, exhibition surveys, articles, reports, investigation, guidebooks, published in the 1920s with circulation from 100 to 500 copies, are bibliographic rarities, preserving their scientific significance. The thorough examination of the architectural monuments of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra permitted to begin restoration

    1939.	Museum Research Workers. Sitting (from the right to the left):  Prasolova N.M., Merculova A.D., unknown, Kruchkova T., standing (from the right to the left): Antipova A., Belkina N., Utkina, Sozykina  F.F. (technical service). Subsequently, the scientific research was supervised by the Scientific Council, established in 1939. At different periods its members were famous scientists: A.V. Artsikhovsky, I.E. Grabar, S.V. Bakhrushin, T.V. Nikolayeva, M.A. Ilyin, G.I. Vzdornov, M.A. Nekrasova, E. S. Smirnova, O.A. Belobrova, N.A. Mayasova, etc.

    1950s.  Meeting of the Method Council. Nikolayeva T.V. (from the back),      Belobrova O.A., Bagayeva  I.I. Kruglova O.V., Baikova I.N. (Head of  the Scientific Propaganda Department),  Bureichenko I.I., Kurova T.N., Prasolova N.M., Mayasova N.A., Kalmykova L.E., Svirin A.N. Great contribution to the investigations was made by the scholars of the 1940s – 1950s: Yu.A. Lebedeva, N.A. Mayasova, T.V. Nikolayeva, I.I. Bureichenko, O.A. Belobrova, O.N. Esipova, O.V. Kruglova, L.E. Kalmykova, T.N. Kedrova, E.N. Klitina, L.N. Boikova.

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