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1. Administration
2.Scientific Department
3. Filial Branch of the Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum-Reserve “The Sacristy of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. 14th – 19th cc.”
4.Department of Russian Folk, Decorative and Applied Art of the 18th – 21st cc.
5.Department of Fine Art of the 18th – 21st c.
6.Archeology Department
7.Department of History of the 14th – 19th cc.
8.Department of History of the 20th c.
9.Restoration Department
10.Excursion and Methods Department
11.Department of Educational and Cultural Programs
12.Sector of Museum Pedagogics
13. Information and Publishing Department

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Address and Contact details

The Main Building
The Sergiev Posad State History and Art Museum- Preserve

Postal Address:
141310 Prospekt Krasnoi Armii 144, Sergiev Posad, Moskovskaya oblast, RUSSIA

Secretary: tel./fax +7(495) 786-27-08, tel.+7(49654) 0-63-58


Order excursions- Tel. +7 49654 0-53-56

Code of Sergiev Posad - +7(49654) from foreign country

General Director of the Museum:               Guzikov Feognost Mikhailovich
Tel./ Fax:                                           + 7(495) 786-27-08,   +7 (49654)0-63-58

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141310 Krasnaya Army Prospect, 144, Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia Tel.: (495) 786-27-08, (496) 540-63-58
to order excursions- Tel. +7 49654 0-53-56