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History of the Museum

1. The Main Steps of the Museum Activity
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  • 2.History of the scientific research
  • personalities
  • memoirs
  • 1.N.A. Mayasova
    2.O.V. Kruglova
  • restoration
  • 3.History of the educational activity

    Scientific Research
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  • expeditions:
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    -- collecting monuments of culture and history

    The educational activity
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    Memoir of the Museum Workers

    Memoirs of Natalya Andreyevna Mayasova(page 4)

    Mayasova  N.A.  – the second from the right. We were most of all afraid of G.A. Oksky arrival. Director could sign the document and it would be finished. But listening to our story, Oksky jumped up and said: “You are my dear Amazons! Go on like that!” Where did we not go or write. At last we composed a big letter which was signed by the leading scientists headed by Secretary of the Scientific and Methodical Council S.P. Grigorov (Chairman I.E. Grabar refused). We wrote letters for two years. Nobody wanted to transgress V.I. Lenin’s Decree! Then the power passed to N.S. Khrushchev and everything fell into oblivion. There was an attempt to separate the Department of Folk Art from the Zagorsk Museum. We wrote numerous letters and visited officials again. Our deputy, famous writer L.M. Leonov helped us.

    At that time T.V. Nikolayeva carried out an interesting work. An experienced archeologist she observed all earth works on the Lavra territory, studied and published a number of articles on the tomb stones found in the course of those works. She also organized first expeditions to discover icons in closed churches. New research workers G.I. Vzdornov and L.M. Spirina joined her. All finds were reported at the conferences. At those years the Museum workers already had enough knowledge and experience. The Museum was paid respect to by the famous scientists participating in the conferences and scientific meetings with their reports. The collected material was published in the fundamental works. After the small informative book “Kratkiye soobshcheniya” (Brief Reports), in 1958 and in 1961 the Museum published in the Zagorsk Printing-House the second and third edition of “Soobshcheniya” containing the results of research highly estimated by the specialists. In 1960, the local printing-house managed to publish the comprehensive scientific catalogue of T.V. Nikolayeva “Proizvedeniya melkoi plastiki 13 – 17 vv. v sovranii Zagorskogo muzeya” (Small-Size Sculptures of the 13th – 17th Century in the Collection of the Zagorsk Museum). Scientific Secretary G.I. Bureichenko had tried hard lo organize the publication. At that time the representatives of the administration tried to avoid responsibility, they were discouraged by the Bible and Gospel themes of Old Russian art.

    By the early 1950s many buildings of the Museum-Reserve passed to the Patriarchy and, unfortunately, their restoration was subsequently carried out without participation of the Museum workers. But the valuable collections of icons, textiles, embroidery, silver were systematically cared after by the highly qualified specialists of the I. Grabar Central Restoration Workshops. Between 1962 and 1968, beside me, the leading specialists T.N. Kedrova, O.A. Belobrova and T.V. Nikolayeva left the Museum. G.I. Vzdornov and I.I. Bureichenko had left before. However, our generation determined the main directions of the Museum development and made it a major museum in our country famous all over the world. The young specialists, who began to work with us and who came after, also serve the great course of propaganda and preservation of cultural and spiritual heritage for the future generations


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