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The Museum Collections

I. History and Art Collection
1. Icons of the 14th – 19th centuries
  • icons of the 14th – 17th century
  • 2. Jewelry art of the 14th – 20th century
  • jewelry art of the 14th – 17th century
  • jewelry art of the 18th – 19th century
  • the european silver 14th - 19th centuries
  • 3. Small-size sculptures (works of metal, wood, bone)
    XI – the beginning of the XX century
  • Small-size sculptures 11th – 17th century
  • Small-size sculptures 18th – early 20th century
  • enamel of Troitza masters 15-8th – early 20th century
  • 5.Embroidery, lace, textiles of the 14th - early 20th century
  • icon and ornamental embroidery
  • gold and silver lace
  • 6.Painting of the 18th – 21st centuries
  • painting of the 18th – 19th centuris
  • painting of the 20th – 21st centuris
  • II.Manuscripts and old printed books of the 14th – 17th century
    IV.Lithography of the 18th – 19th century
    VI.Medals of the 18th - early 20th century
    VIII.Archeology collection

    IX. Russian folk and applied and decorative art of the 17th – 21st c.
    1. Artistic wood
  • folk carved and painted wood
  • wooden toys
  • house carving of Sergiev Posad
  • Khokhloma and Gorodets painting
  • 2. Artistic textiles
  • embroidery and weaving
  • printed textiles and lace
  • Russian shawls
  • folk costumes
  • folk garments
  • printed cotton kerchiefs
  • Rus Eng

    Printing drawing 18-19th centuries (p.4)

        The large quantity of sheets had issued by small private printed houses. In such workshops, views, drawing by A.Skino, I.Balashov, P.Borel, I.Seleznyov and set of anonymous engraver, had published. On the eve of the 200 anniversary from the date of the foundation of the Resurrection New-Jerusalem monastery built by patriarch Nikon as the Russian Jerusalem, views of monastery executed draughtsman Dmitry Strukov¬ and lithographer Alexander Skino in 1852-1854.

        Images of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra are numerous. Views of the Saint Segius Radonezhsky monastery made not only in Russia. Albums in which placed separate views of Monastery or which entirely devoted to it, were published in Paris so. The view lithographed by L.P. Bichebois widely known. The biggest complex of “veduts” of Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra and vicinities executed in it lithograph workshop. Some names of the draughtsman participating in execution of these sheets now known. M.Gadalov worked over separate views of monasteries and hermitages in 1849-1861. I.I.Starchenkov who worked in a workshop in 1861-1883 has executed the most part of monastic views both Laura and other Russian monasteries.





    33. A.Skino. The workshop of G.Kirstena. View of the Novoierusalimsky Resurrection monastery from the southwest party. 1854. Continuous-tone lithograph.
    34. L.P. Bichebois. The workshop of Lemersier in Paris. View of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra from the southeast. Lithograph.
    35. M.Gadalov. The workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. View of the Chernigov branch at the Gefsimansky monastery. 1854. Lithograph.
    36. I.M.Starchenkov. The workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. View to the Trinity-St.Sergius Monastery from the southwest party. 1874. Continuous-tone lithograph, water colour.
        The lithograph workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra has print “veduts” more than forty monasteries. Views of Vvedensky Optina hermitage,Sacred mountain Athos and Russian Andreevsky hermitage on this mountain and many other things transferred images well-known, esteemed, and now sometimes forgotten and even destroyed monastic ensembles of Russia.

        In Moscow, there was well-known workshop of A.I.Abdulovskaya. In 1873, it has published lithograph with a view of the well-known Don monastery in Moscow, which has been sketch very carefully and shown from the high point of view under the scheme of a graphic long-term plan.





    37. M.Gadalov (?). The workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. View Assumption cathedral from the cathedral area in the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. 1860. Continuous-tone lithograph.
    38. I.I.Starchenkov. The workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. View of Kozelsky Vvedensky Optina hermitage in the Kaluga province. 1876. Continuous-tone lithograph.
    39. I.I.Starchenkov. The workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. View of the Russian Andreevsky monastery on Athos. 1872. Lithograph.
    40. The unknown lithographer. The workshop of A.I.Abdulovskfya. View of the Don monastery in Moscow. 1873. Continuous-tone lithograph.

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