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The Museum Collections

I. History and Art Collection
1. Icons of the 14th – 19th centuries
  • icons of the 14th – 17th century
  • 2. Jewelry art of the 14th – 20th century
  • jewelry art of the 14th – 17th century
  • jewelry art of the 18th – 19th century
  • the european silver 14th - 19th centuries
  • 3. Small-size sculptures (works of metal, wood, bone)
    XI – the beginning of the XX century
  • Small-size sculptures 11th – 17th century
  • Small-size sculptures 18th – early 20th century
  • enamel of Troitza masters 15-8th – early 20th century
  • 5.Embroidery, lace, textiles of the 14th - early 20th century
  • icon and ornamental embroidery
  • gold and silver lace
  • 6.Painting of the 18th – 21st centuries
  • painting of the 18th – 19th centuris
  • painting of the 20th – 21st centuris
  • II.Manuscripts and old printed books of the 14th – 17th century
    IV.Lithography of the 18th – 19th century
    VI.Medals of the 18th - early 20th century
    VIII.Archeology collection

    IX. Russian folk and applied and decorative art of the 17th – 21st c.
    1. Artistic wood
  • folk carved and painted wood
  • wooden toys
  • house carving of Sergiev Posad
  • Khokhloma and Gorodets painting
  • 2. Artistic textiles
  • embroidery and weaving
  • printed textiles and lace
  • Russian shawls
  • folk costumes
  • folk garments
  • printed cotton kerchiefs
  • Rus Eng

    Printing drawing 18-19th centuries (p.1)

        In Sergiev-Posad museum, there is small collection of Russian and West European engraving including products is stored, since 17th century and finishing prerevolutionary decade of 20th century. The basis of the graphic collection make engravings, lithographs and the drawings occurring from icon-painted and lithograph workshops, and also of various rooms to the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra, cells and the monasteries which were near the Cloister. In days of activity of the museum, the collection has replenished with the various monuments arriving both from culture establishments, and from private persons. Printing and drawing exhibits, which have arrived in the Zagorsk history and art museum from a private collection of professor A.A.Aleksandrov have been included in the drawing collection in 1930.

        In the Sergiev-Posad museum there is small, but interesting enough collection tool engravings, etchings and lithographs 18-19th centuries executed in various workshops. The considerable part of works represents lithograph workshop of the Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra, working with 1843 for 1910. In its publishing program, it is possible to allocate some themes: an image of St.Sergius Radonezhsky, historical-archaeological and historical-chronological themes, an image of Monastery and monastic veduta, an icon image. The image Saint Sergius Radonezhsky, which in 19th century of the beginnings widely to be developed ¬in the schedule, became the main theme in activity lithograph workshop of Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra.

        A series of pictures «Life and miracles Saint Sergius Radonezhsky¬», leaving throughout tens years, up to workshop closing became the major among editions about Saint Sergius¬. Pictures about a life of the first abbot of the Trinity’s monastery became the new decision of a traditional image sacred. Subjects selected from literary life, the comment from which accompanied each sheet. In the serial decision hagiography themes, there was a combination of receptions of different levels of graphic culture: a secular academic picture, editions for the people, traditional icon-painted images. The household aspect of treatment of plots has strengthened for creation of effect of picturesque of lithographs.




    1. Unnamed lithographer. Saint Sergius blesses on fight grand duke Dmitry Donskoy. 1866. Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. Lithograph.
    2. Unnamed lithographer. Visiting of Mother of God to Sergius Radonezhsky. 1868. Lithograph on I.S.Boldyreva's drawing.
    3. I.I. Starchenkov. Saint Sergius cures the adolescent of eye illness. 1868. Unnamed master. Lithograph.
    4. M. Gadalov. Jjunction of Sacred Secrets Saint Sergius. 1858. Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. Lithograph.
        The historical subjects was occupied the considerable place among a variety of the subject themes used in creative work lithographers of masterful Trinity-St.Sergius Lavra. Lithography pictures showing well-known «a Troitsk seat» 1608 – 1610, which have started to let out in 1850 were most popular. According to concept of historical heroics subjects scooped from "Legend" of Avraamy Palitzin on a siege of the Trinity-St.Sergius monastery during “Smutnoe vremya” (Troubled time).

        In 1865 - 1867 all series was anew lithograph. Selection of subjects has been direct not only on disclosing of heroic events («Attack on 13th October» «Sortie behind fire wood»), but also the events connected with the wonderful phenomena of rescue and protection thanks to intervention of heavenly forces («Consecration of walls», «Sortie on 9th November», «Sortie behind cattle»).




    5. Siege to a Trinity-St.Sergius monastery in 1608. Miracle of consecration of walls. 1865. Unnamed lithographer on N.Monomahov's drawing.
    6. Siege to a Trinity-St.Sergius monastery in 1608. Assault on 13 October. 1865. Unnamed lithographer on N.Monomahov's drawing.
    7. Siege to a Trinity-St.Sergius monastery in 1608. Explosion of undermining on 9 November. 1865. Unnamed lithographer on N.Monomahov's drawing.
    8. Siege to a Trinity-St.Sergius monastery in 1608. Sortie behind fire wood. 1865. Unnamed lithographer on N.Monomahov's drawing.

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